The Way to God ministry was birthed through the vision of Pastor John Zinchyk. After not seeing his parents for 27 years he visited Ukraine in 1969. He was deeply affected by the absence of God in people’s lives. He began to earnestly seek ways to bring the Word of God to hurting and hopeless people who, through Communism, had been told that there was no God.

Through IBRA Radio in Malta, with its powerful short-wave signals, Pastor John Zinchyk found the means to penetrate the Iron Curtain. In 1970, Pastor John Zinchyk began to produce weekly broadcasts from a studio which he built in his home in London, Ontario, Canada. He and his wife, Nettie, dedicated themselves to this ministry for the rest of their lives. Nettie went to be with the Lord in 1991. Shortly after, when Ukraine became independent, Pastor John Zinchyk expanded his vision to include the establishment of several churches in the Poltava region. At his request, several pastors agreed to live and evangelize in that area. Pastor John Zinchyk continued the radio ministry on his own for ten years until his passing in 2001, when the torch was passed to his daughter Nancy Zinchuk.


Today, the Living Hope radio program continues to be aired throughout Ukraine. The 20-minute programs include sermons preached by Pastor John Zinchyk and a variety of contemporary preachers. They are produced in Pastor John Zinchyk’s home studio by Nancy Zinchuk and dedicated workers.

In response to the programs, the office in Kiev, Ukraine, receives thousands of letters annually. Office staff read each letter carefully and respond to the requests for Bibles, cassettes and literature. Many of these letters are from people in hospitals and prisons, or from remote and isolated areas. It is one of the greatest joys of the ministry to bring the Word of God to those who have no other way of hearing it and to send Bibles to those who have never had one of their own.

The churches that Pastor John Zinchyk helped to establish are now flourishing. The fire is spreading to other areas of the Poltava region. Pastor John Zinchyk would be pleased to see how God is using others to carry out the vision of reaching lost souls.


The heart of this ministry has always been to share the love of God with lost and hurting people. There are still many who do not know this love and that Jesus is the only way to salvation.

Where a person spends eternity may depend on our action or involvement with sharing the Good News or Gospel. Mark 16:15 says, “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature…” This is known as the Great Commission. As the radio remains a viable way to reach millions of people, it is one of the best missionary tools we have for obeying this command.

The words we want to hear from Jesus when we stand before Him are, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”


One life to live, it soon will pass
Only what’s done for Christ will last.