Living Hope Studio


In 1970, Pastor John Zinchyk built a studio to produce radio programs to be broadcast in Ukraine. From the basement of his home in London, Ontario, he proceeded to record messages for lost and hurting people in Ukraine for the next 30 years.

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Today, programs are prepared by dedicated volunteers and sent to Svitle Radio to be aired weekly. Volunteers take archived reels and convert them to digitalized format. They are able to choose from hundreds of tapes to make current and relevant Christian programs.

In addition, they are privileged to have the contributions of several preachers who have the same desire as Pastor John Zinchyk to share the Gospel over the air waves. Preachers include Mykhailo Panochko (Senior Bishop of Union of Churches of Evangelical Faith in Ukraine), Yuri Vavryniuk (Senior Editor of magazine “Blahovisnik”) and Yakov Kulakevych (Graduate of the Kiev Bible Institute). Some of the best Christian music is made available and is utilized in the programs.

Listeners are pleased to hear a familiar voice at the close of each program. For years, this was the voice of Nettie Zinchyk, and today, her daughter Nancy continues to close each program with an offer of Christian resources.