About Us


The Way to God radio ministry was established in 1970 to reach people in Ukraine and the Soviet Union with the love of God. Initially, the program called Living Hope was aired through all of Europe through IBRA radio. After the Soviet Union collapsed, a new contract was signed in 1992 with the National Radio Company of Ukraine. It was the only Christian program of its kind that was broadcast throughout the country.


Radio programs are prepared in our studio in London, Ontario, and are sent to Ukraine. They are aired Sunday at 4:05 and Friday at 9:10 by Svitle Radio (Ukrainian time).


From our London office, letters are sent to donors to ask and thank them for supporting the radio ministry to Ukraine.


Our office in Kiev receives thousands of letters from radio listeners and responds to requests for Bibles, Christian literature and teaching cassettes that help them with their spiritual growth. Needy families also receive humanitarian help.